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Watching someone play online slots has never been so entertaining.

Who is davo slots?

He is an Australian that likes to live stream himself playing online pokies on Facebook, Twitch and YouTube. His bet size is what has made him famous online and a viral hit. Some bets have been as high as $100,000 USD on a single bet. Or as Aussies say, slap. This is in reference to the action and sound of pressing the spin button on a slot machine. The Australian bogan loves watching davo due to the great slang and curse words that he uses in his videos. Davo overlays his head in the corner or each video so you can see and hear his gameplay while watching his casino screen in full screen.

Why did Davoslots change his name to TheCaptainDavo? This was done after many people called him out and ruined his name as davoslots. He needed to rename and try to effectively start again after he was shamed by rocknrolla and others on youtube for using fake casino money, basically playing on demo mode.

What is davo slots net worth? We estimate his total net worth to be around $340,000 USD in 2019. He makes around $6,000 USD each month from his YouTube channel. The big money he earns is from affiliate income though from promoting online casino’s. This makes him about $25,000 USD each month.

Is the capitan davo a fake? No. His slot plays and size are 100% real. You can’t fake emotions and when you are punting $100 a slap it is obvious if you are faking it or not.

Is Lords of Blackjack real? Yes, but there are many better online casino’s to use like the one we promote which has received 5 stars out of 5 ratings by both ICB and askgamblers. These are the top casino information websites online so are worthy of being listened to. The payout levels and win rates are very low on Lords of BJ and they have received 2 star out of 5 ratings.

Recently one of Australia’s top news television shows A Current Affair covered the story of Thomas Vives-Kerl who signed up at Emu Casino though the Lords of Blackjack webpage after watching some streams on Facebook. Thomas deposited just $200 and after making a few bets on the slots he ended up winning $30,000. He then tried to withdrawal his winnings but Emu Casino kept stalling and looking for reasons why he couldn’t get paid. During this time Thomas became frustrated and ended up gambling all his $30,000 winnings back to just $2 left. He then took his own life. This is just one of the reason why you should always use a high quality casino like the one we use and recommend and not casino’s like Emu Casino.

Isn’t playing online casino’s illegal in Australia? No! It is not illegal to play online slots or as they call them in Australia, pokies. The only thing that is illegal is running an online casino in Australia. This means no online casino is operated from inside Australia. Australians are the world’s biggest gamblers and pump from that $600 million into only casino’s each year.

Are all online casino’s scams? Most are not scams in the true sense of the term. However, many have low odds that make it almost impossible to win. And if you do win they will make it hard for you to withdrawal. Often they won’t approve your identity documents or try and stall with different tactics. In the end most just keep betting their winnings till they blow them all.

How do you find a good online casino? The first thing you must do when you start is deposit about $20 and play for a few spins. Once you have done that and have a balance left of over $20 then you should add your identification documents (this is necessary for all real online casino’s) and withdrawal that amount. Usually this will take about a week to 10 business days. Once the monies have reached your bank account then you can truely trust the online casino and can load more funds into your gambling account. Any online casino that does not have an identification program is a fake casino and will steal your money. If you chose a non-trusted casino then you also risk having your identity on sold or stolen, so don’t dare risk it.

Does Davo do drugs? Davo has admitted on his interview on youtube with welcome to the poddy that he spent most of his childhood doing a shitload of recreational drugs.  This included smoking lots of crystal meth (ice) and doing cocaine.

What is The Capitan Davo’s facebook?

What is The Capitan Davo’s instagram:

What is The Capitan Davo’s YouTube account? The Captain Davo

Does thecaptaindavo run Lords of Blackjack? Davoslots is always quick to deny ownership of LOBJ and tries to distance himself from them by just saying, go to their website for the best casino’s to join. We have had our investigations team look into the website that he promotes. The team have found the below information by way of a free public search. We can only assume that David Nicholas in South Australia is in fact the real name of the man himself “the captain davo”.